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May 11, 2009

Famous people {part 2}

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Woot!  So here I am it’s Thursday afternoon ready and waiting for Convention to start and I’ve already met up with some of the bestest girls in the stamping world!  I’m in seventh heaven!  Who else did I meet…well check me out below:


Pretty lucky wasn’t I??? I thought so too!!  I do have more wonderful pics to share!  We aren’t even up to dinner on Thursday night yet!  Let alone Convention!  Phew!  I was SOOOO busy! 

Back soon to share more!
Mr Sock Monkey


May 9, 2009

All the FAMOUS People! {part 1}

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Oh my!! From the very beginning I was popular! Everyone wanted a piece of me!!  I must admit I thought I was going to have a negative reaction from the crowds but the immediate love I felt from Karen & Makeesha was awesome!


As you can see in the pictures above I had had love with Famous People before i’d even CHECKED INTO THE HOTEL!!  A-MAZING!  I was beyond excited.  So from top middle clockwise I am featured with: The ever gorgeous and divine Yvonne Cambell, The amazingly talented and beautiful Marelle Taylor, The gorgeous and prolificly talented stampers in the middle are Makeesha Byl & Karen Thomas and the lovely red head is the stunning Kellie Winnell. 

See what I mean?!?  It was nearly all too much to take in at once!  I had goals at convention and they were listed on Madonna’s blog before we left for convention.  They were to meet heaps of famous people, get up on stage & to get my picture taken with Shelli Gardener!  Did I suceed?  Were my goals reached?  I think you’ll all have to stay tuned folks for….

Further adventures of the Sock Monkey in Canberra!!! (and please imagine the very dramatic music that is playing in my head as I say that!)

Mr Sock Monkey!

May 6, 2009

Up! Up! and Away!!

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Ok, so where was I??  Oh yeah, in the plane!

Well, some of you know this already but for those of you who are new to my adventurous spirit – I FLEW THE PLANE!!  OH yeah BABY!!  Check me out:


Very cool hey??  Here are some more fun pics:


It was pretty awesome!!  I got a bit carried away with myself I must admit!  But what a blast.  I was so happy that the pilots also thanked everyone for flying with them as well as acknowledging me too!!  Mad, Kirsty & Megan were thrilled. 

So as you can see, my Journey to Canberra got off to a “flying” start!!

Catch you round!
Mr Sock Monkey
(or Willis if your Makeesha!)

May 4, 2009

Hello world!

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OMG!! I can’t believe I was so popular at convention!!!  Thanks everyone for all your love and attention!!!  My owner Madonna & I had a magnificent time.  I’ve had so many wonderful experiences over the last few days I just can’t wait to share them with you.  But one at a time so you don’t get too overwhelmed with excitement!!!

I set off  in the car out to the airport!!  Had a blast sitting on Megan’s lap!  She does drive a little fast though!  Perhaps that was because I had difficulty seeing the road properly!?  Once we reached the airport we checked in and headed up to lunch.  I didn’t get a chance to see much until it was time to get on the plane!!  Aren’t I a handsome lad though eh??  The girls helped to get me settled in and it wasn’t long before I had to use the facilities.  I’m afraid I ate one too many bananas before we left home!!  😳 Or maybe it was the way they scanned me on the way in!  I can’t believe I had to go through the MRI machine!


Anyway, more love and fun to come!!

See you round!
Mr  Monkey!

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